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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I think I found a place to live... hopefully...

Today was a pretty relaxed day. I slept in for the first time ( 9 am - haha) and Just took the day easy. I went to the University of Seville, which by the way is an old tobacco factory converted into a university, and looked for some flyers for places to live. I ended up calling a few people and set up an appointment to see a 2 bedroom apartment. Andy and I walked there and checked it out later in the day. It was pretty basic, but what we need; 2 bedrooms, a living room with a tiny TV (man i miss the 42") a kitchen with a fridge, stove and microwave and utensils, A washing machine, and a little balcony to hang dry our clothes and store some things. The only downfall is it's a little further from the center of town then I wanted to be. On the bright side there is a bus stop right outside the apartment building that brings me to the train station. I called the lady back tonight and told her we were going to rent it from her. The plan is to meet Monday night around 8 and hopefully we will be able to move in that night. the rent is 450 euros (225 a piece) + the water bill.

After that I came back to the Hostel and decided to explore around the center of town. I went to the shopping district and looked at some stores and then kinda walked around and got lost until I found something familiar. I haven't taken many photos of the city yet but as I was walking pass the cathedral I snapped this shot. It is such a pretty cathedral. I've been inside before, when I studied abroad a few years back. I can't wait to go see it again.

Tonight is paella night at the hostel. 6 euros for a big plate of paella and sangria. Tomorrow is going to be another lazy day. The plan is to go to this beautiful park here take some pictures and read a little bit. Time to eat... :)

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