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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camino de Santiago - Day 3 - Logroño to Belorado

Biking Day 3
  • Logroño ---> Belorado
  • 73.8 km (47.7 miles)
  • 8 hours (with lunch-town visits-and breaks)
  • Total Distance Traveled: 171.1 km (106.3 miles)
I woke up this morning as quickly as I could to get into the bathroom because there were a lot of people in the albergue and only 3 sinks. I left Logroño at about 8:30 am and took my time on the first part of the trip because I was tired and planned on biking a little further today. 

Leaving Logroño

The ride was tough for the first few miles, mainly because I was still waking up. I biked about 31 km ( 19 miles) to a town called Najera and stopped to have a coffee. 

still waking up 

coffee break
From there until the town of Santo Domingo de la Cazada was fairly easy, especially the last part. There was a section of really shitty dirt hills that was a little steep but not too bad.

no fun with all that weight on the bike

Leaving Najera

Pretty fields along the way
I made it to the town and had a big lunch and rested for about an hour. The weather to this point was overcast and brisk. I thought it was going to rain, but as I left Santo Domingo de la Calzada the clouds disappeared and it was sunny and warm. I debated if I should continue on and try to make it to Belorado, which was 22.1 km (13.7 miles) away.

Tough hill climb

picture explains just how I felt

coming into a small pueblo before stopping for lunch

I pushed forward and regretted it almost instantly. About 5 miles out of the town I passed 3 walkers and for the next 10 minutes I didn´t see any signs on where the camino was supposed to be. It is ALWAYS marked by yellow arrows. I was deep in the middle of wine fields and it was really hot. I finally came to a 4 way dirt intersection in the fields. I debated what to do then I followed a RED arrow up a steep road. At the top was a T-intersection with another red arrow pointing back to the town I just came from. I went back down the hill and backtracked to where the 3 people were at. The guy said you always go straight if there is no signal.

So i started back up the road to the 4 way cross and continued straigh. I biked for a few more miles and still saw no signs. I came to a paved section with 2 dirt roads going off it and took the paved section down the hill. I was really hot and tired and still had about 16 km (10ish miles) to bike. I ended up coming onto the next town and it had signals. Apparently I took the old camino and it hadn´t been marked for some time. I was back on the official camino and happy.

Carrying the shell to santiago
I got into the small town of Belorado and stopped at the first albergue I saw. I showered and cleaned my clothes then headed into the town to a health center and to buy some food. I wanted to make sure my wound was alright , because one section had a funny color. The nurses said it looked good and told me to keep it covered and clean it with soap and water. After I walked around and then climbed a large hill to see the city from above, then headed back to the albergue to eat and read.

Plaza in Belorado

Above the city

I am planning on biking 51.5 km (32 miles) tomorrow to a town called Burgos.


  1. Glad things went better today and your wound is healing. Looks very pretty. Love you.

  2. Burgos is nice, have some "morcilla de Burgos", red wine is delicious in the area, and lamb roasts are second to none ;). Buen camino!