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Friday, June 17, 2011

Camino de Santiago - Day 2 - Villatuerta to Logroño

Biking Day 2
  • Villatuerta ---> Logroño
  • 53.3 km (33.1 miles)
  • 5 hours (with breaks and lunch)
  • Total amount traveled - 97.3 km (60.47 miles)
I woke up this morning to my left shoulder throbbing and very stiff AND blood covering my sheets because my wound bled through my gaws. I got up around 7.30 am put on clothes and went back to the health center to see what they thought. She siad it looked good and cleaned it up and bandaged it again. I didn´t realize the day before but all of the area where there was blood was missing the top layers of skin, it was all scraped off. I went back to the albergue (hostel) and had breakfast and started biking at 8.30 am. The weather was cold and it was raining very lightly but it stopped and stayed overcast until about noon. I struggled the first part of the day; a lot of up and down hills which at times were difficult to climb. About 2 miles in I passed "El Fuente del Vino" (Wine Fountain), which was a spicket that despensed wine instead of water. Well it had both. I took a few swigs and went on my way to the town of Los Arcos where I stopped to eat an early lunch and rest. 
The sign read, "If you want to make it to Santiago with strength and vitality, take a drink of this great wine and toast to happiness"

Why it was up there I will never know

Church in Los Arcos
 I saw a few people biking that stayed at my albergue in Pamplona the first night and they planned on making it to Logroño too. From Los Arcos to a town called Viana was also tough. It was only 19 km (11.8 miles) but it was very hot and a lot of steep short inclines. I stopped in Viana to have a coffe and rest and to see the cathedral.
Taking a break
 From there to Logroño was great. It was mostly down hill and large sections of paved pathways, which were nice because my arm throbbed when the downhill was bumby and rocky. I got into Logroño and found a new albergue that was biker friendly. I showered and headed to the doctors to have them clean my wound. She told me to buy iodine gel and wash it with soap, dry it and then put the gel on for 5 days and cover it up. After 5 days She said to leave it uncovered. I walked around the town for a bit and had dinner.

clever art, - etapas means stages, which what the camino is broken into, and tapas are typical spanish dishes

looking better already

Cathedral in Logroño

Streets of Logroño

It is about 9 pm and I am literally ready for bed. Lights out at the albergue is at 10.30. I am planning on leaving by 7.30 am and biking 52 km ( 32.3 miles) to the town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Hopefully the weather will be cool in the morning without rainl It should be a tough first part of the trip and the second part is a little more relaxed. More posts to come! 

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  1. Looks like a neat city. Your arm looks a lot better. Safe travels.