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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flamenco Show

A couple of friends and I went to a flamenco bar near the center of town. It is a huge place inside and the best part is the flamenco was free. We got there a little late and it was already packed. There was a main stage and I managed to wiggle my way up to the side near the front to take a couple pictures. There were two dancers and singer and a flamenco guitar player. My favorite part is the guitar. It is such a cool sound and seems extremely difficult to play

Inside the main part of the bar.

This is the second time I have been and both times have been extremely busy. It's rare to find a flamenco show thats free, especially every night of the week.

Main stage.

starting their dance

so many people were crammed inside.

After I got these shots we went out of the main section to this smaller room with some tables. It looked like their was a tiny stage in the room, but I wasn't too sure. I met up with some other language assistants here from the states.

Matt and I

A shot inside the room we were having drinks

After about 30 minutes of sitting at this table with some people the guitar player, singer and the two dancers came out into the room we were sitting in. That little area that I thought was a stage actually was. they set up literally right behind our table and play for another 30 mins. It was really sweet because I didn't really get to see much in the other room because it was so packed.

Setting up right next to our table

The guitar player and singer started first.

After a song or two the two moved to the side and played so the dancer could perform

After the show some people tried to go out to a club. I made the wise choice and walked home because they were heading like 20 minutes farther away from my place. I found out this morning it was a good choice because when the group got there (about 8 people) one of the guys couldn't get in because of his shoes. Anyone coming to visit who is a guy should definitely bring a nice pair of shoes. I don't know what it is about Spaniards and their shoes, but you could be dressed in the nicest clothes and if your shoes are not up to par you don't get in. I ran into this problem when I studied abroad in Granada. It seems pretty crazy, but its pretty much the same no matter what type of club or nice bar you go to.


  1. Liked watching the videos, could you understand everything he was singing? Can't wait to see you in November.

  2. ehh, its kind of hard because those songs are really old and its a lot more difficult to understand songs then someone just speaking. but i can pick up on some of it