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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Madrid with Parents

The last destination with my parents was Madrid. The city was a madhouse because Spain's air traffic controllers went on strike. Over 300,000 people were affected and combined with a Spanish holiday made the streets packed. We went to Parque de Buen Retiro and the Prado Museum. We also made our way to the Palacio Real. My girlfriend Ingy was supposed to make it into town on Saturday but due to the strike her flight was diverted to Rome so my parents didn't get to see her before they left. 

Crazy Trees in the Park

Parents in the Park

Lake with boats to rent

Me rowing away in the lake 

My dad's turn

Ant art in the park

Parents outside Palacio Real

Me outside the Palacio Real
 The Palacio Real had a really cool section that had all of Spain's old war material. This was probably my favorite part of the Palacio.

Huge Gun 

Pretty Sunset over city
My parents left early Sunday morning. I went to the airport with them and waited for Ingy's flight from Rome to arrive. She got in around noon and we headed north of Spain to Segovia. I had such a great time with my parents. It was a lot of fun showing them some cities in Spain and what I do at my job. Overall I think they had a great time and I am so glad the made it out.

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