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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Trip to Alicante/Valencia: Day 3

Sunday the 20th we woke up from our couchsurfer families house and headed to Valencia to catch a train at 5 pm. We came downstairs into the living room and on the back patio was the dad and mom getting things ready for breakfast. Not only did they open there house to 4 Americans for the night, they also had a full breakfast for us. We ate with them and thanked them for everything. They even had food for us to make a lunch to go. Such nice people; It is nice to know that there are so many generous people who are willing to help out complete strangers. 

The mother drove the 4 of us into town. Hannah and Laura headed back on the train to Seville. Reegis and I walked around the center of town and then headed to the Science Park to check out the building and possibly go see the Aquarium.

Downtown Valencia
 The Science park was amazing. There were several strangely designed buildings and a nice park off to the side. We went to check out the Aquarium and decided not to go in because they recommended having at least 4 hours to see it all and it cost 20 some Euro. We walked around the park and then headed to the grass park on the side to rest a bit and eat our lunches that the family put together for us.

Science Park, Valencia Spain

We made our way back into town and caught our train back to Alicante. We got in around 9 pm and headed to another very kind and generous Spaniards house to sleep. We stayed at my friends old host mom who lives in the area. She let us shower and sleep and we left to the airport from her house at around 5 am. 

Valencia train station
I had an amazing time in Alicante and Valencia. I never had much desire to see the two cities, but I am glad I finally made a trip over. Both cities are very beautiful and have much to do. Las Fallas was such an incredible event and anyone who has the chance to be in Spain during the festival should really look into attending it.

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