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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oranges of Sevilla

If you have ever visited Sevilla, one thing you are bound to remember is the vast amount of orange trees throughout the city. The line nearly every street and fill almost all the plazas. Many people wonder if they are edible , but I recommend not trying one because they are very bitter.

Instead they are collected by the city and shipped to England, where they are used for marmalade. Queen Elizabeth II of England is so fond of the marmalade they produce that she has all the oranges from the patio within the walls of the Alcazar sent to England to be produced into this breakfast treat.

Collecting the Oranges
from one tree
I happen to be walking through one of the plazas when workers were collecting the fruit in large bags to be taken away. We have had a nice warm weather spurt and many of the trees are begining to lose their fruit, which makes for a squishy and messy roadway. Luckily Spainairds are fanatics about keeping their streets clean, except for animal shit.
2 hours later there were 4 bags

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